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The Semaines Sociales de France act as an institute, with the mission to examine community life and to issue proposals regarding the social policy, one of the oldest organization in the country in this respect. They should be regarded as a forum, and not as a “movement.”

    * Education: The annual Semaines Sociales de France

Each year the Semaines Sociales hold a three-day session on a topic of current interest. At these sessions, all those who feel interested in dialogue, in search for meaning, and in revival of social bonds in our country have an opportunity to meet there and share their knowledge.
This national session delves deeply, in a collective and interdisciplinary manner, into questions of society, in an environment that encourages inquiry, confrontation, give-and-take and free expression, at the national and international level.

    * Development: The Semaines Sociales in France and in Europe

The Semaines Sociales de France rely on a network of 15 regional branches in France. In Europe, they derive strength from a network of social Christians in more than twenty different countries.
The local branches allow the discussion on the topic chosen for the national session to spread and continue, and they also disseminate the findings of the Semaines Sociales throughout France.

    * Information: The newsletter of the Semaines Sociales de France

To shed light on current issues, every quarter the Semaines Sociales publish a review, entitled LA LETTRE des Semaines Sociales de France.
This newsletter is also a way for the Semaines Sociales to maintain contact with its members.

    * Public awareness: Les Actes of the Semaines Sociales de France

Each year, the Semaines Sociales de France publish Les Actes (the proceedings), which provide an overview of the annual session and its conclusions.
Les Actes raise awareness among the general public and officials as to the proposals of the Semaines Sociales de France.

The Semaines Sociales de France aim at being an active meeting place for both contemplation and action.

Last update : 25/09/2009